Research interests

  • Cloud computing
  • Autonomic computing
  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • Middleware

Current Projects

  • DiFFuSE - Distributed framework for cloud-based epidemic simulations (Inria ADT)

    The project focuses on the DiFFuSE framework developed by Myriads in the context of MIHMES. The framework provides design support, reusable code, and tools for building and executing epidemic simulations in the cloud. The framework includes support for failure handling and elastic allocation of resources from multiple clouds. The aim of the project is to improve the framework so that it can be released as open-source software.

  • Agile, distributed Cyber-Physical Systems (collaboration with Thales Research)

    The project focuses on the development of high-performance Cyber​​-Physical Systems, such as those developed by Thales to monitor and react to changing physical environments. This work explores adaptive resource management mechanisms for such systems, enabling them to cope with the dynamism of their environments, while providing strong QoS guarantees.

Past Projects

  • PaaSage - Model-based Cloud Platform Upperware

    PaaSage was a European FP7 project that developed an open-source platform to support the design and deployment of cloud applications independently of underlying cloud infrastructures. This work focused on providing automated, continuous optimisation of multi-cloud applications.

  • MIHMES – Multi-scale modeling of mechanisms of pathogen spread

    MIHMES produced scientific knowledge and methods for the management of endemic infectious animal diseases and veterinary public health risks. This work focused on developing a framework (called DiFFuSE) for building and executing epidemic simulations in the cloud.

Ph.D. student supervision

  • Yasmina Bouizem (co-advised with Christine Morin and Djawida Dib), started in 2017

  • Baptiste Goupille-Lescar (co-advised with Christine Morin and Eric Lenormand), started in 2016

  • Carlos Alberto Ruiz Diaz (co-advised with Hector Duran-Limon), Ph.D. 2018

  • Djawida Dib (co-advised with Christine Morin), Ph.D. 2014

  • Stefania Costache (co-advised with Christine Morin, Samuel Kortas), Ph.D. 2013

  • André Lage Freitas (co-advised with Jean-Louis Pazat), Ph.D. 2012