Some stuff about research, life and everything.

Scientific news and popularization

  • Igor Carron reads everything about Big Data science and sums it up on Nuit Blanche
  • Exciting news and discoveries in all kind of scientific areas : I f*cking love science!
  • Public Higher Education and Research in France : political and scientific news by Sylvestre Huet, journalist : {Sciences²}
  • A French Canadian chemist explains health sciences and breaks supertitions in : le Pharmachien
  • Unexpected science popularization : Science étonnante

Humour and comic strips

Because scientists also like laughing.

  • Vital distraction for PhD candidates (you’re not alone!) : PhD comics
  • Humour and poetry for nerds : xkcd
  • Learn something funny and possibly useless (but funny) : Tu mourras moins bête
  • Improbable research, science which first make you laugh, then make you think (but mainly laugh) : IgNobel Prize