Network Security

M1 1st Semester.

Course Description

Security has become one of the essential aspects of networking. This course covers the need for and the building blocks of network and information security, threats to our networks today and fundamental principles of secure network design. It also provides coverage of different threat landscape topics and common attacks such as VLAN hopping, MAC snooping and denial-of-service (DoS). The course introduces VPNs and the related ingredients of cryptography. The course ends by presenting various firewall concepts and the technologies used by them.


LAN attacks, ICMP, Risk Analysis, IPsec, ACL, Firewall.


Low-Level Networking.

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Week 1: Networks Fundamentals  
Week 2: Villain VLANs & Cutting Down the (Spanning) Trees  
Week 3: The Art of War in The LAN Land  
Week 4: Evil ICMP, Careless TCP & Boring Security Analyses  
Week 5: The Hitchhicker's Guide for IPsec Cryptography  
Week 6: 'V' as in VPN  
Week 7: "You Shall Not Pass!" By Access Control List  
Week 8: Firewall and Farewell