Efficient Composition for Virtual Camera Control

ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation - 2012
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Automatically positioning a virtual camera in a 3D environment given the specification of visual properties to be satisfied (on-screen layout of subjects, vantage angles, visibility) is a complex and challenging problem. Most approaches tackle the problem by expressing visual properties as constraints or functions to optimize, and rely on computationally expensive search techniques to explore the solution space. We show here how to express and solve the exact on-screen positioning of two or three subjects using a simple and very efficient technique. We express the solution space for each couple of subjects as a 2D manifold surface. We demonstrate how to use this manifold surface to solve Blinn’s spacecraft problem with a straightforward algebraic approach. We extend the solution to three subjects and we show how to cast the complex 6D optimization problem tackled by most contributions in the field in a simple 2D optimization on the manifold surface by pruning large portions of the search space. The result is a robust and very efficient technique which finds a wide range of applications in virtual camera control and more generally in computer graphics.

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