Advanced Composition in Virtual Camera Control

Rafid Abdullah, Marc Christie, Guy Schoffield, Christophe Lino, Patrick Olivier
in Proceedings of the 2011 Smartgraphics Symposium - 2011
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Abstract. Rapid increase in the quality of 3D content coupled with the evolution of hardware rendering techniques urges the development of camera control systems that enable the application of aesthetic rules and conventions from visual media such as film and television. One of the most important problems in cinematography is that of composition, the precise placement of elements in shot. Researchers already considered this problem, but mainly focused on basic compositional properties like size and framing. In this paper, we present a camera system that automatically configures the camera in order to satisfy advanced compositional rules. We have selected a number of those rules and specified rat- ing functions for them, then using optimisation we find the best possible camera configuration. Finally, for better results, we use image processing methods to rate the satisfaction of rules in shot.

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