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About Hamza Samih

I am currently working on 9500 MPR-e product family at Nokia as Software engineer.

I worked as a research Engineer at ALL4TEC France, I worked on software testing, especially testing of embedded systems of automotive, aeronautics and railway domain. The solution is based on Model-Based Testing approach.

I have been working in the context of the European research project, ARTEMIS project MBAT will provide European industry with a new leading-edge V&V technology. This will be made possible by a new and promising approach in which model-based testing technologies will be combined with static analysis techniques.

I did my PhD at Diverse a joint team from INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique from University of Rennes 1 France. My research focuses on extending Model-Based Testing to support testing of products lines,  under the supervision of Benoît Baudry from INRIA and Hélène Le Guen from ALL4TEC R&D.

Ph. D. context

Software product line engineering is an approach that supports developing products in families. These products are described by common and variable features. Currently, the validation activity is disjointed from the product lines development process. The effort and resources provided in the test campaigns for each product can be optimized in the context of product lines. Model-based testing is a technique for automatically generating a suite of test cases from given requirements. In our work, we propose an approach to test a software product line with model-based testing. This technique is based on an algorithm that establishes the relationship between the variability model released with OVM and the test model, using traceability of functional requirements present in both formalisms. Our contribution is an algorithm that automatically extracts a product test model. It is illustrated with a real industrial case of automotive dashboards and experimented by an aeronautic industry domain in the MBAT European project context with the collaboration of Airbus Defence & Space.


In 2011, I received my Master’s degree in Computer and Internet Engineering (3I) from the HASSAN II Casablanca University of Morocco.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the HASSAN II Casablanca University of Morocco in 2009.

I received my Maths and Sciences Baccalaureate degree from the Al khawarizmy high school of Casablanca Morocco in 2006.

Research topics

The topics of interest are mainly focused on three research domains :

  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Model-based Testing
  • Software Products Line Engineering

I’m particularly interested in how Software testing techniques and tools can get used to test products lines in particularly in the case of embedded systems.