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              standing in front Guillaume Gravier

Head of the Linkmedia team
CNRS Senior Research Scientist
Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires

Mail: guig_X_irisa.fr

Guillaume Gravier is senior research scientist of CNRS (the French national research agency) at IRISA, of which he is deputy director. He leads the Linkmedia research group, common to IRISA and Inria Rennes, focusing on content-based media content analysis, indexing and linking with the ultimate goal of enabling better multimedia applications and new innovative services. He has a background in probabilistic modeling for speech and language processing applied to multimedia content, and multimodal modeling. His current research interests are in media analytics, multimedia collection modeling, deep learning and multimodality, graph-based methods for multimedia content representation.



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Ongoing projects

JPI CH READ-IT An ICT - HSS joint venture to explore EU's cultural heritage on reading by creating and curating a database of reading experiences [ICT coordination, WP management]
Collaboration with Brazil and Chile to transform multimedia content into indexable representations
Inria Project Lab iCODA Seamlessly integrating content, data and knowledge for interactive incremental analytics on heterogeneous data sources to help data journalism [scientific coordinator]
FUI NexGenTV Enriching TV content to facilitate the authoring of rich multiscreen TV applications [IRISA coordinator]
CominLabs LIMAH A pluridisciplinary approach to linking media content for navigation and exploration [scientific coordinator]
Check out the LIMAH demo!

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