> About my Ph.D.

Hardware Arithmetic Units and Crypto-Processor for Hyperelliptic Curves Cryptography

Advisor : Arnaud TISSERAND [webpage]

> Efficient and robust public key cryptography (PKC) is of major importance for information security and privacy (e.g. generation of secret keys for symmetric cryptographic sessions and digital signatures).
Until recently, PKC in the industry was almost exclusively dominated by RSA. Over the past few years, curve based cryptography has gained enormous popularity. It has been recently shown that hyperelliptic curves provide the most efficient support for PKC. This is due to the fact that it allows to work on smaller base fields. As the complexity of the base field arithmetic is usually quadratic in its size, very interesting improvements can be expected. Currently, there are very few hardware implementations of hyperelliptic curves cryptography (HECC).
> Hardware cryptoprocessors provide a very fast way for encrypting/signing messages. But hardware devices may leak some information (variations of the power consumption, computation delay, electro-magnetic radiations, etc...) that can be exploited in side-channel attacks. Protection systems have to be adapted and deployed over the circuit according to the required security level.
> The HAH project deals with both theoretical and hardware implementation aspects of efficient and secure hardware implementation of advanced hyperelliptic curve cryptography with a special focus at the arithmetic level(s).

This Ph.D. is funded by the CominLabs and Lebesgue Labex, along with the Région Bretagne.
It is part of the HAH project (Hardware and Arithmetic for HECC).

> Latest Publications

>> Architecture Level Optimizations for Kummer Based HECC on FPGAs.
Gabriel Gallin, Turku Ozlum Celik, Arnaud Tisserand.
Indocrypt: 18th International Conference on Cryptology In India,
Dec. 2017, Chennai, India.
[conference website] [HAL link]

>> Hyper-threaded multiplier for HECC.
Gabriel Gallin, Arnaud Tisserand.
Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers,
Oct. 2017, Pacific Grove, CA.
[conference website] [HAL link]