Call for Fast Abstracts

Fast Abstracts are short presentations of work in progress or opinion pieces (maximum 2 pages in standard template from the IEEE Computer Society). Fast Abstracts aim to serve as a rapid and flexible mechanism to:

  • Report on current work that may or may not be complete
  • Introduce new ideas to the community
  • State positions on controversial issues or open problems

Major Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures and protocols for dependability and security;
  • Dependability and security
    • for mobile, ad hoc, and wireless systems;
    • for service-oriented architectures (SOA);
    • in middleware and infrastructure;
    • in pervasive systems and sensor networks;
    • in databases and transactional systems;
    • in real-time systems;
    • in high-bandwidth and storage area networks;
    • in high performance, grid, and cloud systems;
    • in multimedia systems;
    • in data streaming;
    • in business and e-commerce applications;
    • modeling, monitoring, benchmarking, measurement, assesment, assurance, and evaluation;
  • Adaptive and autonomous dependability and security
  • Fault and intrusion tolerance;
  • Security, privacy, and safety policies;
  • Critical infrastructure protection and survivability;
  • Safety- and mission-critical systems;
  • Social and psychological factors;
  • Formal methods for dependability and security;
  • Software engineering for dependability and security;

Contributions are welcome from academia and industry. Participants in this track will present a short talk and publish a two-page abstract in the Supplement to the proceedings of the Eighth European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC-2010). A Fast Abstract must be submitted in its final form, ready to be printed. Fast Abstracts are limited to 2 pages, and the authors are required to follow the IEEE Computer Society templates and instructions (IEEE double-column format). Submissions must be made electronically, in PDF format.

Fast Abstracts will not be refereed. Instead, the Fast Abstracts Chair and the Conference Program Chair will lightly screen the submissions. The criteria for acceptance will be: i) relevance and interest to the community, and ii) arrival time. Therefore, authors are encouraged to send their submission well in advance before the final deadline. We will accept as many Fast Abstracts as possible, the amount is limited by the available presentation time at the conference. By submitting a Fast Abstract, you are committing yourself or one of your colleagues to present it at the conference.

Important Dates

- Fast Abstracts submission deadline: 8 March 2010 (Extended!) 28 February 2010
- Fast Abstracts acceptance notification: 16 March 2010 (New) 14 March 2010


All submission should be made electronically through the submission web page:


The Student Forum and Fast-Abtracts will run in parallel sessions during the first 2 days of the main conference (Wednesday 28 April and Thursday 29 April). A separate programme for these sessions will soon be published.

Fast Abstracts Chair

Karl M. Göschka (
Technische Universität Wien, Austria