Spreading the kindness of logic
Theoretical computer science

Attempt for music score editor

Schwarz Musicwriter, a score editor
Musicdraft, an attempt of a software to write music by hands


Chinese character decomposition
A 3D game in Python/pygame
Javascheme, a interpreter of the language Scheme you can embed in a Javascript program
Statmap, a tool for statistics on maps (used for the statistics of this website)
A Bibtex to plain text converter (useful for using bibtex with MS Word or
A small small software for drawing knots
The crazy piano: a tool for listening different temperaments/scales/tunings
gifedit: a tool for creating gif animated images

Deprecated/useless projects

Exobank, a database of exercices (for installation on your own server: Sources)
LotrecScheme, a (temptative) pedagogical software for tableau methods
Plaza's world, a pedagogical software for epistemic modal logic and public announcement logic
Belief revision and arbitrary public announcements
Pravda, an online pedagogical software for natural deduction
SATRennesPA, an online user-friendly tool for the satisfiability problem for Classical Propositional Logic
SAToulouse, a easy-to-use software (with a GUI) to check satisfiability for Classical Propositional Logic