François MOREEWS
Senior R &s D computation science Engineer - PhD

My interests includes High-Throughput biological data processing,NGS , workflow management systems, FAIR Data, e-science and scientific cloud plateforms. I'm currenly working on software development related to System biology, FAIR Data & bioinformatics.

François Moreews
Dyliss team
addressINRIA/Irisa - Campus de Beaulieu
35042 RENNES Cedex - France
Tel+33 2 99 84 75 95
Fax+33 2 99 84 71 71

Most Interesting Scientific Publications and communications from 23 :

An application suite based on the IFB Container as a Service platform
Francois Moreews, Olivier Sallou, Olivier Collin
ECCB, 15th European Conference on Computational Biology, September 3-7, 2016 The Hague, Netherlands

BioShaDock: a community driven bioinformatics shared Docker-based tools registry.
Francois Moreews, Olivier Sallou , Hervé Ménager, Yvan Le bras, Cyril Monjeaud, Christophe Blanchet, Olivier Collin
f1000research, dec, 2015

A curated Domain centric shared Docker registry linked to the Galaxy toolshed
Francois Moreews , Olivier Sallou, Yvan Le Bras, Grosjean Marie, Cyril Monjeaud, Thomas Darde, Olivier Colli, Christophe Blanchet
Galaxy Community Conference 2015, Jul 2015, Norwich, United Kingdom. 2015

Seamless coarse grained parallelism integration in intensive bioinformatics workflows
Francois Moreews and Dominique Lavenier
workflow and intensive computation presentation, at EuroMPI '13, publicated in the Proceedings of the 20th European MPI Users' Group Meeting . Pages 277-282 . 2013

SLICEE: A Service oriented middleware for intensive scientific computation
J. Piat, F. Moreews, O. Collin, D. Lavenier, A. Cornu
Proceedings of Services 2011, International Conference, Washington DC, USA.

On Demand Bioinformatics Intensive Workflow Execution Environment
J. Piat, F. Moreews, O. Salou,
Cloud technology presentation at BOSC (Bioinformatics Open Source Conference )- 07 16 2011 - Vienna

Integrating GALAXY workflows in a metadata management environment
Francois Moreews , Yvan Le Bras,Olivier Dameron ,Cyril Monjeaud, Olivier Collin
workflow process mining presentation , at the Galaxy Community Conference, Jul 2014, Baltimore, United States

BioMart Central Portal: an open database network for the biological community
Jonathan M. Guberman, J. Ai, O. Arnaiz, Joachim Baran, Andrew Blake, Richard Baldock, Claude Chelala, David Croft, Anthony Cros, Rosalind J. Cutts, A. Di Génova, Simon Forbes, T. Fujisawa, E. Gadaleta, D. M. Goodstein, Gunes Gundem, Bernard Haggarty, Syed Haider, Matthew Hall, Todd Harris, Robin Haw, S. Hu, Simon Hubbard, Jack Hsu, Vivek Iyer, Philip Jones, Toshiaki Katayama, R. Kinsella, Lei Kong, Daniel Lawson, Yong Liang, Nuria Lopez-Bigas, J. Luo, Michael Lush, Jeremy Mason, Francois Moreews, Nelson Ndegwa, Darren Oakley, Christian Perez-Llamas, Michael Primig, Elena Rivkin, S. Rosanoff, Rebecca Shepherd, Reinhard Simon, B. Skarnes, Damian Smedley, Linda Sperling, William Spooner, Peter Stevenson, Kevin Stone, J. Teague, Jun Wang, Jianxin Wang, Brett Whitty, D. T. Wong, Marie Wong-Erasmus, L. Yao, Ken Youens-Clark, Christina Yung, Junjun Zhang, and Arek Kasprzyk

database and service/SOA presentation, publicated in Database (Oxford journals). 2011


BioDesc : gestion d’un entrepôt multiformat de descriptions de ressources bioinformatiques
P. Picouet, Z. Doughi, L. Brillet, E. Corre, C. Caron, O. Collin, F. Moreews et X. Bailly
Jobim 2010 Montpellier - poster
A Framework for Building Reliable Distributed Bioinformatics Service Repositories
Moreews, Francois;
ICWS 2009. IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 2009
6-10 July 2009Page(s):1018- 1019

QBIOS: driving toward a trusted distributed bioinformatics service infrastructure
François Moreews
ISMB 2009 - poster

GEO EXPORTER : a tools to automate publishing of microarray data to Gene Expression Omnibus
François Moreews
ISMB 2008  - poster

BioWorkFlow: Web Services toolkit and workflow applications evaluation to deploy a confidence network
Marc Wessner, Martin Senger, Franck Samson, Philippe Picouet, François Moreews, Hervé Ménager, Véronique Martin, Sébastien Letort, Catherine Letondal, Mark Hoebeke, Jérome Gouzy, Jean-françois Gibrat, Erwan Corre, Olivier Collin, Sébastien Carrere, Christophe Caron, Pierre Tufféry and Bertrand Néron.
JOBIM 2008

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languages: fluent speaking in french, portuguese and english

hobbies : Kitesurfing & travel