François Goasdoué

Full Professor of Computer Science at Univ. Rennes 1.

Head of the Lannion branch of the IRISA lab.
Head of the SHAMAN team at IRISA.
Associate member of the CEDAR joint team between INRIA Saclay and LIX, École Polytechnique (X).

Phone: +33 / Fax: +33 / Email: fg (at) irisa (dot) fr
Mail: ENSSAT-IRISA, 6 rue de Kerampont, CS 80518, 22305 Lannion Cedex, France

My credo is automated reasoning for data & knowledge base management.



Full list, DBLP, Google Scholar, HAL

Participations to International Program Committees

PhD Students (current and past)

  1. Yamen Haddad, co-advised with Angelos Christos Anadiotis and Ioana Manolescu. Will graduate in early 2024.
  2. Wafaa El Husseini, co-advised with Hélène Jaudoin. Will graduate in late 2023.
  3. Maxime Buron, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu and Marie-Laure Mugnier. Graduated in 2020, then a postdoc at U. Oxford in UK, now a postdoc at Univ. Montpellier in France.
  4. Ludivine Duroyon, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Move to the industry.
  5. Cheikh Brahim El Vaigh co-advised with Guillaume Gravier and Pascale Sébillot. Graduated in January 2021. Now a Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) at Univ. Rennes in France.
  6. Sejla Cebiric, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Moved to the industry, now a software engineer at Infobip in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  7. Sara El Hassad, co-advised with Hélène Jaudoin. Graduated in 2018, then a postdoc at Univ. Nantes in France, now a data analyst at Capgemini in France.
  8. Camille Bourgaux, co-advised with Meghyn Bienvenu. Graduated in 2016, then a postdoc at TU Dresden in Germany, then a postdoc at Télécom ParisTech in France, now a Junior Researcher at CNRS (ENS Ulm) in France.
  9. Damian Bursztyn, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2016, then a data scientist at Ivizone in France, then a Researcher at Thalès in France.
  10. Raphaël Bonaque, co-advised with Bogdan Cautiș and Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2016, now a data scientist at "Made in Data" in France.
  11. Stamatis Zampetakis, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2015, then an engineer at TIBCO Orchestra Networks in France, now with Cloudera in France.
  12. Alexandra Roatis, co-advised with Dario Colazzo and Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2014, then a post-doc at U. Waterloo in Canada, then an engineer at The Open Application Network in Canada, now with Google in Canada.
  13. Julien Leblay, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2013, then a post-doc at U. Oxford in UK, now a researcher at AIST in Japan.
  14. Konstantinos Karanasos, co-advised with Ioana Manolescu. Graduated in 2012, then a postdoc at IBM Almaden in the USA, now with Microsoft Research in the USA.
  15. Nada Abdallah, co-advised with Serge Abiteboul. Graduated in 2010, now running a family with two kids in France.
  16. Philippe Adjiman, co-advised with Marie-Christine Rousset. Graduated in 2006, then an engineer at eBay in Israel, then an engineer at Outbrain in Israel, now a data scientist at Google in Israel.