Current projects

No project running at this point of time

Former projects

  • Research contracts evaluated following calls for proposals
PeriodName and subject of the projectMy role in the project
09/2005- 04/2008 Project GO4IT
FP6 – Advanced tools and services for IPv6 testing
WP Leader of WP2 (Testing methodology and tools)
06/2006-11/2008 Project FP6 – IST STREP Platform ANEMONE (Advanced  Next gEneration Mobile Open Network)
WP Leader of WP5 (Testbed integration and validation) and main contributor to WP1 (Testbed specifications and use cases), WP6 (Research on mobility and applications advanced topics) and WP7 (Testbed usage and promotion)
09/2011- 09/2013 Projet FP7 PROBE-IT (Pursuing roadmap and Benchmarks for the Internet of Things)
WP leader of WP4 (Roadmap for future research on IoT interoperability Testing)
01/2012-12/2012 CNRS-NSFC Collaboration project with BUPT Beijing (Chine)
IRON (Ensuring Interoperability of new generation Networks)
Scientific responsible of the project
10/2016- 12/2018 Project H2020 F-Interop (Remote Interoperability, Conformance and Performance Tests for the Internet of Things)
WP leader of WP2 (Online interoperability and conformance Testing Tools) and Coordinator of work on interoperability testing (9 partners)

Over-the-counter research contract

These are mainly regional or national bilateral collaboration contracts. I was the scientific manager of these contracts.

PeriodSubject of the contract Partner
1999-2006 Methodology for testing conformancee and interoperability of IPv6 CELAR (Centre Electronique et de l’Armement) de la DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement), Bruz
2007-2010 Specification of a test methodology adapted to the use of the new IPv6 functionalities in a military context
2013-2016 Cooperation and Self-* for Small Cells Networks Orange – Lannion / CIFRE
2015-2018 Mobile SDN Architecture for Mobile 5G TDF-Rennes / CIFRE
2017-2020 Personalization for cognitive autonomic networks in 5G Nokia Bell Labs – Nozay / CIFRE