Bogdan F. Cornea


My research experience is concentrated on four main projects.

Intensive Peer-to-Peer Computing

The goal is predicting the performance of distributed applications, considering a large-scale, completely decentralized, peer-to-peer computing system, together with the static analysis of the source code.

Development: the dPerf tool.

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(previously LIFC)

ADAPT (phase 1)

This project aims at executing HPC applications onto the Cloud without development costs, nor user interaction/intervention.

Development: the ADAPT tool for HPC to Cloud automatic adaptation.

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ADAPT (phase 2)

The focus is on choosing a near-optimal execution platform (from available ressources in the Grids or Clouds) based on matching application communication signature to platform network pattern. The approach brings together several own-developed as well as external tools for addressing the largest possible range of HPC applications and heterogeneous target platforms.

Development: the enhanced ADAPT framework.

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Hemera -- Subproject: Ecofen

As part of the large-scale initiative Hemera, I work on the energy-efficiency of large-scale distributed systems. The goal is to enhance the Ecofen tool for providing the scientific community with a simulation tool that allows evaluating the energetic profile of distributed systems.

Development: the Ecofen tool, module of NS-3 simulator.

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