Open Positions

I am always looking for talented and motivated persons who want to join us for an internship, a PhD, a Post-doc, or a research visit. You can find below some open positions, but feel free also to contact me with your own project.

PhD Thesis: Model Hybridization in the Context of Digital Twins

Context Complex software-intensive systems are evolving at an accelerating pace, operating in increasingly dynamic environments and contending with ever-increasing uncertainty. This requires a high level of adaptability, through a continuous engineering of complex cyber-physical, socio-technical, ecosystems.

PhD Thesis: Towards a Digital Twin for Water Resource Management

PhD Description Water resource management poses a critical challenge in the era of climate change and population growth. To adequately address the diverse needs of end-users, it becomes imperative to develop advanced management tools.

Internship: AI-Driven Digital Twins for Robots.

Context Robots are playing key roles in many social and industrial applications such as in hospitals, automation in automotive domains, etc. Digital twins [5], i.e, live and digital representations of a physical twin such as robots, promise to significantly improve their reliability, helping them in making optimized decisions in real-time and predict future activities such as predictive maintenance.

Internship: Towards Distributed and Scalable IDE.

Context and objectives Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are indispensable companions to programming languages. They are increasingly turning towards Web-based infrastructure. The rise of protocols such as the Language Server Protocol (LSP) that standardize the separation between a language-agnostic IDE, and a language server that provides all language services (e.

PhD Thesis: IDE as Code

Context To cope with the ever-growing number of programming languages, manufacturers of Integrated Development Environments (IDE) have recently defined protocols as a way to use and share multiple language services (e.

PhD Thesis: Smart Modeling

Context “Software is eating the world!” [1], with massive digitalization of entire business markets (e.g., travel/music/video/photo/book industry…) and the development of cyber-physical systems (CPS) which assist citizens and companies in their daily life and businesses (e.

Postdoctoral position: A programming model for simulation processes

Context Scientific software is often designed in the form of a process including data preprocessing, simulation code, and data postprocessing. In the current state of the practices, this process is either split in several modules put together in an explicit data-flow process, or tightly coupled in a single program.