Romain Lebouc

PhD, 2019-2022. Superviser. Co-advisors: Noël Plouzeau and Alain Ribault

Subject: Front-end testing in a DevOps Context

Keywords: user interface, front-end, software testing, DevOps

Youssou Ndiaye

PhD, 2016-2019, co-advisor with Nicolas Aillery, Olivier Barais and Ahmed Bouabdallah

Subject: Modelling and evaluating security in user interfaces

Keywords: user interface, security

Gwendal Le Moulec

PhD, 2015-2018, co-advisor with Bruno Arnaldi and Valéria Gouranton

Subject: Model-driven Virtual Reality applications synthesis

Keywords: virtual reality, software engineering, MDE, software product line

PhD defense: 2018-09-26

Current position: software engineer

Thomas Degueule

PhD, 2013-2016, co-advisor with Olivier Barais and Benoit Combemale

Subject: Composition and Interoperability for Domain-Specific Language Engineering

Keywords: software engineering, software-language engineering, MDE

PhD defense: 2016-12-12

Current position: postdoctoral researcher in the Software Analysis and Transformation group (SWAT) at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), Netherlands

Valéria Lelli

PhD, 2012-2015, co-advisor with Benoit Baudry

Subject: Testing and maintenance of graphical user interfaces

Keywords: software engineering, software testing, model-based testing, software maintenance

PhD defense: 2015-11-19

Current position: Associate Professor at the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil

Ankur Saini

Master of research, 2010-2011, co-advisor with Benoit Baudry

Subject: Model-Based Testing of Interactive Systems

Keywords: software engineering, software testing, model-based testing, MDE, HCI, Malai