Alexandre Debant

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Pesto team at Inria Nancy - Grand Est. I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Stéphanie Delaune. on November 17th 2020 in the EMSEC team at IRISA Lab in Rennes. Before I was student at École normale supérieure de Rennes.

Research Interests: my research mainly focuses on the formal verification of crypTographic protocols. During my PhD I focused on distance-bounding protocols, used for instance for contact-less paiements. During my post-doc I am now interested in the design and verification of e-voting protocols. From an holistic point of view I am interested in proving the security or safety of critical systems.

Keywords: cryptographic protocols, formal verification, symbolic methods, distance-bounding protocols, e-voting protocols.

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**News** We got a bounty for the privacy attack we discovered against the Swiss Post e-voting solution!

Contact details

Office B272
Inria Nancy - Grand Est, Rennes
615, rue du Jardin Botanique
54600 Villers-lès-Nancy

E-mail: alexandre.debant [at] inria [dot] fr